TED, or (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences that have taken the Internet by storm in recent years. Under the slogan, “Ideas Worth Spreading,” the talks’ early focus was technology and design but has since broadened its focus to include discussions about many scientific, cultural and academic debates.

The reason we love TED talks is because one, they are badass, and two, you can actually learn a thing or two while wasting time on the Internet.

The Top 10 We Want to Recognize

1. “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” Sir Ken Robinson — Robinson makes a case of why our school systems should create a system that nurtures rather than undermines creativity.

2. “The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense technology” Pranav Mistry — Mistry demos several tools that the physical world uses to interact with data.

3. “Underwater Astonishments” David Gallo — Gallo displays jaw-dropping footage of creatures below the sea, such as color-shifting cuttlefish, a camouflaged octopus and neon-light displays from the fish who live in the darkest depths of the ocean.

4. “Unveiling Game-Changing Wearable Tech” Pattie Maes — Imagine “Minority Report” and then some.

5. “Debunking Third-World Myths with the Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen” Hans Rosling — Statistics guru Rosling debunks myths about the so-called “developing world.”

6. “Why Are We Happy? Why Aren’t We Happy?” Dan Gilbert — Gilbert challenges the phrase, “We can’t be happy if we don’t get what we want,” and tells us how we can be happy even if things don’t go as planned.

7. “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm” Mary Roach — Ten surprising claims about sexual climax, all the way from being bizarre to hilarious.

8. “Why We Laugh” Sophie Scott — A fast-paced, action-packed and, of course, hilarious dash through the topic of why we laugh.

9. “Why We Do What We Do” Tony Robbins — Robbins discusses the “invisible forces” that make us do what we do and follows up by giving a high-five to Al Gore in the front row.

10. “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” Simon Sinek — Sinek presents a simple but powerful model of how leaders inspire.