Contrary to popular belief, the Instagram update is not the most exciting thing happening in the Jacksonville area this weekend … IT’S THE PLAYERS!

Everyone knows 16, 17 and 18, but where is the best place to watch golf if you want to avoid the crowd? This is your ultimate guide for you to decide where you should watch golf this weekend while you’re at the tournament. These are the best places to watch golf around TPC Sawgrass’ Stadium Course. We based this off the view of the hole (lol), amount of shade, lack of crowds and, of course, proximity to the food and beer tents!

Hole #5

One of the hardest holes on the course, No. 5 offers plenty of hills for views of the hole from every side of the green. For the early rounds, there is a ton of shade and this green is just steps away from Wine on Nine and a food vendor.

Hole #8

No. 8 is the longest and traditionally the hardest Par 3 at TPC Sawgrass and it is a great place to watch the best players in the world struggle. The difficult green to hit is an easy green to view from almost every angle. It is right next to the Wine on Nine tent and there is a great view of the 9th tee box. Early morning and even early afternoon this green is always covered with shade.

Hole #12

Everywhere you look on hole No. 12 there is something exciting. At the tee box there is Taste of Jax which includes great local food and drink vendors there are even solar panel cellphone charging stations located within the Taste of Jax tents. Once you take in the beauty of the sawgrass throughout No. 12 you’ll find a ton of shade behind the green with a great view of the putting surface. But the real wonder of No. 12 lays behind the green for a large tree covered area that is known as Tacos on Twelve, which put on by the ever famous Taco Lu.

Did we mention the food vendors were close?

Did we mention the food vendors were close?

There is no doubt holes 16, 17 and 18 are the biggest spectacle in all of golf, but if you want to be at The Players this week and not have to fight the crowds to watch the best field in golf, then you will have to go off the beaten path!