iOS 10 released back in the summer of 2016, and while a lot of its new features were pretty useless (like the ability to add effects to your text messages like “slam” or “lasers”), one feature was actually kinda awesome. Games with the GamePigeon app.

The app has slowly been releasing more and more games as time goes on, and a lot of them are really addicting. Here are three of the best.



If you’re friends with people who have English degrees, don’t play with them. If you have an English degree, you’ll probably never lose this game. If you’re an average person and so is your opponent, it’ll just be good fun for both of you. The game gives you seven letters, and the object is to make as many words with those letters in one minute as possible. It gets fun once you discover that any random combination of vowels and consonants can sometimes get points even if you don’t know what the word you’re making is.

game pigeon

Game Pigeon offers many game types.

Mini Golf

There’s this really old computer game I’ve been playing since I was like 8 called Mini Putt. Still a great time killer to this day. Anyways, the GamePigeon Mini Golf game reminds me a lot of Mini Putt. You can play either three holes, five holes or race mode. No matter which one you choose, they’re all a lot of fun.


8 Ball Pool

This is an OG game on the GamePigeon app. It’s been there since day one, and it’s still the best. The concept is simple. It’s stripes vs. solids. You go until you miss, and when you miss, it’s your opponent’s turn. As long as your opponent’s regularly playing you back in a fashionable amount of time, you’ll be playing this all day.