San Marco’s Jack Rabbits is one of the region’s premier live music venues; due in large part to the eclectic tastes and locally minded booking of venue founder Tim Hall. For two decades Hall’s been foreshadowing the kind of genre-averse curation that’s now the taste of Millennials and Gen Z, opening up the house for everything from hip hop to ska and surf rock to emo, punk, post punk, pop punk, hardcore, and… you get the point. Jack Rabbits has not only been a place to see popular contemporary acts at their peak, but also one for legends like Dick Dale, Lee Scratch Perry, and Jonathan Richman to continue burn bright rather than fade. Beyond that, upstart local bands have always been welcomed onto the Jack Rabbits stage with open arms (and quality sound!).

But faced with an open-ended ban on live music shows during the coronavirus pandemic, the venue is struggling and has launched the Keep Jax Live Campaign to help them weather the current storm and the one to come. From Tim:

“I don’t know how many shows I’ve booked or tickets I’ve sold. It’s only in the last two months that I’ve really thought about my past shows at length. Just under 23 years ago I booked my first show in North Florida: a sellout with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Fat Kat Music Hall. A year later Anne, my wife, opened Jack Rabbits with Big Sky as our first show. (They sold us out too!) When asked about my favorite shows, I always talk about what’s to come. But, like so many, the concert world is at a standstill. Plans to “reopen the country” list concerts and theaters in the last stages and that’s with a reduced capacity. But we know that music is as much a part of life as breathing is to so many people. Shows WILL happen! We just need to make it through this transition.” 

“So far we haven’t qualified for any of the government “small business” programs or even been approved for unemployment. We’ve made it through lean times before. When the touring industry was devastated for over a year after 9/11, we held in there. That’s why Jack Rabbits is one of the oldest venues of its size in the southeast. But our reserves are running out. We’re going to need help to keep JaxLive and Jack Rabbits alive. We’ve started a GoFundMe with a goal of $22,000:  $1,000 for each of our 22 years of shows. In addition to our operating costs, the shutdown interrupted a loan application that we’d started to pay for, among other things, a new shed for our walkin cooler. Though “the other things” can wait, a new shed cannot. We also need to make changes to Jack Rabbits to follow new safety guidelines in light of Covid-19. Again, that takes money.” 

Donors who contribute over $100 will get a complimentary ticket to any Jack Rabbits show and two drink tickets. Pretty good deal!

Click HERE to peep Jack Rabbits Gofundme page and lend your support.