Center Luke Bowanko was selected in the sixth round from Virginia in the 2014 draft. His first career start was week three, and after that, he started the rest of the season. He started 37 games at Virginia and was a part of a Jaguars rookie class that saw a lot of action. Bowanko, who was teammates with fellow Jags lineman Austin Pasztor in college, looks to earn another starting role at center this offseason.

You’re not at practice and you’re not at a game. Where will we find you?

Probably at a golf course. I play over at Sawgrass a lot.

Favorite places to eat/drink around town?

Lemon Bar

What was the first thing you bought when you signed with the Jaguars?

I bought a big flat-screen for my new place.

Tell us a little about your charity involvement.

In college I was heavily involved with the ACE Program which is where athletes go into schools and student assist. I’ve also helped out with the Boys and Girls Club and Ronald McDonald Foundation.

Allen Robinson is coming out with a mixtape this off-season called AR15!

Who is your #1 fan?

My mom. She’s crazy, I almost had to kick her off Facebook because everything she posts is about me. She friends all of my friends. She’s flew out to San Diego by herself to see me.

What’s your favorite sport to watch besides football?

I have a lot. I’m like a sports junkie. If I love anything in this world it’s sports. I’m a huge Washington Capitals fan and a huge Baltimore Orioles fan, so baseball and hockey are my #1 and #2.

If you weren’t in the NFL what could you see yourself doing?

I don’t know… I’ve always had a thing for politics as I got my undergraduate in Foreign Affairs with a Middle East specialization. If you grow up in D.C. you live and breathe that stuff. My dream job though would be to be athletic director at the University of Virginia which is the place I love.

What type of music and which artists do you like?

I’m like a jam-band that floats into country a bit. I love Dave Matthews, Zach Brown Band, Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers.

Any pranks played on you as a rookie?

Not really any pranks, mostly just getting the guys breakfast because it was our job to go get it.


What are some of your hobbies off the field?

Playing golf and visiting my old friends.

What’s one thing you want to tell the Jacksonville fans?

That Allen Robinson is coming out with a mixtape this off-season called AR15!

By Devin Rawiszer and Charles White