An eventful sixty-something days since we last spilled ink in our Summer issue (July). Thusly, we had lots to pack into the 84-pages of our Arts & Music issue–on newsstands this week!

While we’re still not really able to gather together, Jacksonville’s creative class continues to move the needle, leaving us to wonder: what will it look like when we can, once again, mingle in creative spaces (like non-traditional art gallery spaces, or the mighty venues that make up our city’s live music ecosystem)?

The content we’ve put together for our fall 2020 issue offers some clues: Arts features on painters Addie Gibson (“The Art of Healing”) and Cooli Ras (“Flow State”), as well as a music interview with R&B-influenced singer-songwriter Sailor Goon (“Gaining Ground”) show our region is home to plenty of young, yet fully formed, artists. Their work resonates right now, and will surely be amplified by the walls of a gallery or the PA-mains at a local venue. 

Speaking of live music, we talked to some of Jacksonville’s most innovative impresarios and venue runners about what the future of live music looks like in our region (“Painful Silence”). And, while it’s not exactly insider trading, the results of our #1 in the 904 reader’s poll could serve as a kind of stock tip, the winners a clear representation of who and what the community is banking on to ride the wave of a post-coronavirus rebound.

Featured Writers:
Daniel A. Brown, Glenn Van Dyke, Shelton Hull, Darby Moore, Jack Twachtman

Featured Photographers:
Jesse Brantman, Stefanie Keeler, Malcolm Jackson, Cole LoCurto, Marc Mangra, Wesley Parsons, Tenny Rudolph 

Behind the Cover: 
Jacksonville artist Cooli Ras’s full palette is on display in this month’s arts profile. Ras told our Arts & Music columnist Daniel A. Brown about his “flow state,” a paragon of his artistic process where colors, consciousness, and creativity mix on their own accord. This shot, taken in Ras’s studio by Jesse Brantman, reminded us how overlooked objects or collections of objects (in this case, spray cans) can provide colorful, abstract expressions that might seep into our subconscious, and influence that perfect mix.

Void Magazine’s fall 2020 issue, featuring Arts & Music coverage and the results of our #1 in the 904 reader’s poll is available beginning Aug. 30 on newsstands at more than 300 locations around Northeast Florida.