Tumblr has always been my preferred social media platform. MySpace has been forgotten about, our grandparents are on Facebook and Aubrey Plaza has the best Twitter account. But the baby of social media right now is Vine. Honestly, I only watch Vines on Instagram or when they are shared on Facebook or Tumblr. But, after chatting with Jacksonville local, Jack Bethmann, I’ve gotten an entirely new perspective.

Vine, owned by Twitter, was named after Vignette, which is defined as a “short impressionistic scene.” The six-second video limit requires creativity for success and the undeniable reach of Vine videos is changing the way companies market their products and communicate to their consumers. Take this knowledge and combine an entrepreneurial spirit and you get GentlemanJACK.

If you haven’t heard of Jack Bethmann, perhaps you’ve heard of GentlemanJACK, his account on Vine. It all started with a stop-motion Vine called, “How to get your girlfriend to get you a beer,” that exploded overnight and sparked Bethmann’s social media marketing success. His ability to make unique, high-quality and often humorous short videos has attracted clients like Taco Bell, General Electric, BMW, Jolly Rancher, Toaster Strudel, Jack in the Box, Anheuser-Busch, M Shack Burgers and FXX who all recognized the consumer reach Bethmann is capable of.

“When I post a video on Vine and it reaches millions of viewers, that’s value that is hard to get and it’s something that brands are willing to pay for,” said Bethmann.

Born in California, Bethmann moved around, living in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia until his father retired from the Navy and he was able to settle down in Jacksonville Beach. Taking up Vine first as a hobby, the viral success of one stop-motion video changed everything for Bethmann, who started his own company, Six Second Promotions.

Traditional commercial advertising is costly and ineffective if attention is lost and the channel gets changed. Bethmann has found his niche in creating six-second brand advertisements using Vine that can get the views commercials can’t touch. Starting by making silly videos with his brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Laura, Bethmann was able to turn a hobby into a profession. He tries to tell a story with each Vine, making them unique and appealing to brands.

“How to get your girlfriend to get you a beer,” was featured on Tosh.O’s website, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo and The Chive. The video got over 200,000 revines (reposting for Vine) and gave his personal Vine account, GentlemanJACK a huge following in a very short time. The opportunity for success fell into Bethmann’s lap and he ran with it.

Making professional Vines isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each stop motion video is shot one frame at a time using a tripod. For example, a six-second vine made for Toaster Strudel took 14 hours to shoot. Bethmann focuses on making his videos compelling to the point it makes people want to share it. It’s a new and fun way to display brands that make consumers not realize they’re watching an advertisement.

“I try to stay more on the artistic side, that’s what brands really like,“ said Bethmann.

Bethmann loves Jacksonville Beach and doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. He’s got an awesome friend base, loves the beach culture and is excited to see what the future holds. You can follow him on Vine, Twitter and Instagram to see more of his work.