We all enjoy a full week without obligations, but it always seems to go by just a little too quickly. Monday rolls around and we are immediately hit with the (literal) cold reality that the days of waking up and acceptably cracking a cold one have come and gone. So, what now? Do we just let our fresh tans fade away?

First things first, don’t let the colder weather trap you inside. Throw on a flannel and go for a bike ride, have a bonfire, study on the beach, do anything, but don’t just retreat to the library for the remainder of the semester.

Yes. The breakfast beers and midnight pizza binges were great, but now it is time to hit the grocery store. Look up some healthy, cheap recipes (because we are all broke now) and get cooking.

It is time to get back on a schedule. The never-ending nights made for some great memories (if you can remember them), but it is time to get some sleep. Pass out a little earlier, and set a couple extra alarms for the morning just to get back on track.

There is no shame in posting a couple more pictures to reminisce. However, set the bathing suits aside, because there are a few more weeks of the semester. Don’t worry … you will be back at the beach with a cold beverage in hand before you know it.