Talented barkeep Amanda Steele mixes stiff cocktails and pours unsullied spirits at the tequila and mezcal focused Neptune Beach taco joint, Flying Iguana. At heart, however, she says she’s a “beer gal.” Even so, when we asked her the time-honored question: What keg of beer would you save in the event of a raging inferno? Her answer: The margarita keg. “That’s coming with me.”

For our recent Drink Issue, we asked Steele many other urgent and important questions.

Photo: Cole LoCurto

If aliens visited Earth, what drink would you serve them to save the human race?

Rumpie. From what I hear, no one is completely functional after a few of those. From what I hear.

What is your favorite beer currently on tap and why?

Green Room’s Myles Jack Wasn’t Down. It’s a solid beer and straight facts.

You’re inside the bar and it’s burning down, you have enough time to save one keg of beer. What is it?

I’m certainly a beer gal, but if the place is on fire, the margarita keg is the one that’s coming with me. My GM can do the heavy lifting, though. It’s a crossfit thing.

Do you consider yourself a mixologist or a bartender?

I don’t think you can be one without being the other. Every bartender is going to get those people at their bar who ask them to “Make something fuuun!” Even if you’ve been slinging vodka sodas all night, in that moment, you’re a mixologist. You’re forced to think and experiment and possibly stumble across something new.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen working behind the bar?

It was a night that involved poop and a dance floor. Just trust me, there is no one-upping this story.

What’s the worst drink you’ve ever made?

Recently, someone asked me to make something they called a Darth Vader—basically a Long Island topped with Jäger instead of Coke. Garbage.

Featured Cocktail: Bulleit Old Fashioned
Bulleit Bourbon, large ice cube, sugar, bitter, and an orange peel
Photo: Cole LoCurto

This sponsored feature originally appeared in Void Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 3, The Drink Issue