Tending bar at the Florida-theatre-adjacent Downtown cocktail lounge Dos Gatos, one would most certainly have the opportunity to serve up a drink to a celebrity or two. Dos Gatos’ bartender Corey Littlefield, meanwhile, once had a customer who treated him as though Littlefield was the celebrity. After handing a patron a rag to towel off his lap, the customer handed it back to Littlefield and asked him to sign it.

Celebrity or not, there’s no doubt Littlefield’s got skills. We recently asked the man who’s often behind the popular DT Jax bar a few more questions, and tried our best not to be starstruck in the process.

Photo: Jesse Brantman

Best hangover cure?

I hear its hidden next to the cure for blindness, let me know if you find it. Until then pain is just a part of the party!

Do you consider yourself a mixologist or a bartender?

I feel like bartender is the appropriate label for me. That is until my apron and enamel pins come in.

What’s your favorite local liquor?

I have mad respect for Roger Morenc and the guys at Marlin & Barrel distillery. Plus Shoreline Whiskey is the tits!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen working behind the bar?

Handing a guest a bar towel to clean his lap when he handed me said towel back he says “[Explicit], can you please sign it so I can put it in a shadow box?”

If aliens visited Earth, what drink or beer would you serve them to save the human race?

This is off topic, but after serving some dudes drinks in a coupe glass they say things like “Can I get a man’s glass?” Dude, the coupe was modeled after Marie Antoinette’s smoking hot bod! Come on guy.

Featured Cocktail: Diablo Bailando Ingredients: lime, fresh raspberry, simple syrup, Averna, Maurin Quina, Avuá Amburana Cachaça, Marlin & Barrel Amber Rum // Photo: Brantman












This sponsored feature originally appeared in Void Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 3, The Drink Issue.