This past weekend, unsuspecting New Yorkers got the opportunity of a lifetime, however, only three lucky individuals were able to reap the benefits.

On Sunday, October 13th, Banksy, a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, whose identity is unknown, hired an anonymous elderly man to set up a booth in New York’s Central Park to sell his original artwork for $60. With a combined estimated value of around $1.59 million dollars for the three-dozen or so pieces for sale, the street vendor was only able to sell $420 worth of Banksy’s 100 percent authentic original signed pieces.

After hours of nothing, the man was finally able to sell his first pieces of artwork at 3:30 PM, but only after the woman haggled him down to a 50 percent discount. During the duration of the day, only six other pieces were sold to two different customers. The paintings being sold by the old man are usually worth around $42,400 each.

Banksy, who is known for his satirical street art and use of dark humor, is currently hosting a month-long “live exhibition” called, Better Out Than In: An Artists Residency On The Streets Of New York, in which he creates a new piece of outdoor artwork on the streets of New York City each day during the month of October.

His stenciled designs, known for their political activism, has propelled the graffiti artist into stardom. Most popular for his contempt for government, Banksy displays his artwork on publicly visible surfaces, even going as far as to build physical prop pieces. His artistic works have been featured on walls, bridges and streets in cities around the world. Below are just a few examples of Banksy’s incredible street art.








Banksy posted this short video documentary of the 13th day of his pop-up exhibition on his blog stating, “Please note: This was a one off. The stall will not be there again today.”

His previous artworks and installations from his current project can be seen here, on his blog, or on his Instagram, @banksyny.