There’s not a doubt about it that the North Florida and Jacksonville area is home to many influential young people. The millennial population in this area is what drives our community and keeps our city moving.

With that being said, the voice of this particular young person community is extremely important. The elections for city officials in Jacksonville is right around the corner, and who better than the millennial population in our city to gather together and share like-minded ideas about what direction they believe this city should be traveling in. The city of Jacksonville will hold elections for mayor and city council on May 19, 2015.  A primary will take place on March 24, 2015.

With a passion for change and an enormous desire to be heard, The Jax Young Voters Coalition was born.


The Jax Young Voters Coalition is a nonpartisan group of young professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, industries, neighborhoods and political party affiliations that share a common bond – their love of Jacksonville and determination to make it a better place. The group was formed with the overall goal of increasing turnout among voters age 18 to 40 by at least five percent in the upcoming Jacksonville city elections. The all-volunteer Jax Young Voters Coalition plans to achieve their goal of increasing voter turnout through collaborative events, engaging and informative marketing and social media campaigns, endorsements of like-minded City Council candidates and outreach efforts. A team of talented designers, led by Jax Young Voters Coalition Creative Director Karen Kurycki, will be using strategic and visionary design to excite young voters.

The Jax Young Voters Coalition have also formed a political committee to fundraise their marketing and events costs. The Coalition also announced the kickoff of an online crowdfunding campaign to raise an initial $7,500 for the political committee using the platform (View the campaign at

“Together, we have decided that we have a responsibility to define what our generation’s legacy will be for our city,” said Meredith O’Malley Johnson, Jax Young Voters Coalition founder. “The results of our upcoming city elections will determine whether we will have leaders who plan to truly invest in our city to make it even better, or leaders who are content with maintaining a culture of mediocrity and sustaining the status quo. The mission of the Jax Young Voters Coalition is to increase turnout of voters age 18 to 40 by at least five percent in the 2015 city elections.”


Jax Young Voters Coalition’s first event, Ballots & Brews, was also announced and is scheduled for Feb. 18, 2015, 6-9 p.m. at Intuition Ale Works. Jacksonville city council candidates are invited to attend, and food trucks and live local music will be on-site. Visit for full details.

The Jax Young Voters Coalition board of directors includes:

  • Sean Collins (D), Product Designer, Murray Hill
  • Karina Del Cid (D), Mortgage Servicing, Riverside
  • Jack DeYoung (NPA), Advertising, Downtown
  • Sara Dougherty (D), Customer Insights & Innovation, Murray Hill
  • Dennis Eusebio (NPA), Designer, Mandarin
  • Mike Field (R), Senior Analyst, Avondale
  • Kemal Gasper (NPA), Retail Banking, Northside
  • Christian Harden (R), Commercial Real Estate, San Marco
  • Meredith O’Malley Johnson (D), Public Relations, Riverside
  • Joanna Kurycki (NPA), Insurance Marketing, Riverside
  • Karen Kurycki (NPA), Small Business Owner, Arlington
  • Joey Marchy (D), Product Analytics, Springfield
  • Jimmy Midyette (D), Attorney-at-Law, Westside
  • Joe Sampson (NPA), Entrepreneur, Downtown
  • Donteacia Seymore (R), Entrepreneur, Mandarin
  • Kyle Sieg (D), Public Relations, Southside
  • Emily Simpson (R), Freelance Writer & Barista, Avondale
  • Jeff Smith (D), Small Business Owner, Southside
  • Sean Tucker (NPA), Graphic Designer, San Marco
  • Jack Twachtman (NPA), Entrepreneur, Springfield
  • Keith Walters (R), Operations Analyst, Southside
  • Jesse Wilson (R), Advocacy & Consulting, Riverside


For more information on this organization and to learn how to get involved, visit