With the coming of the food truck revolution in Jax, gourmet delicacies are now available to office workers standing on the corner eating out of styrofoam clamshells. One unfamiliar item you might see on those chalkboard menus is the “banh mi.”

A common offering in gourmet street cuisine, this title sounds much fancier than what is: a sandwich. Appropriately, though, this sandwich has it’s origins in street food: the streets of Vietnam.

“Banh mi” is a Vietnamese term for bread. B‛anh is a term describing biscuit or cake, and mi refers to flour. French colonialism in Southeast Asia resulted in this meshing of cultures in a handheld delicacy. The baguette and the mayonnaise show the French influence, while the fillings which traditionally include pork, cilantro, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber and daikon (an Asian radish) reflect Asian cuisine.

Banh mi

A local food truck offering Banh Mi is Super Food Truck. For brick-and-mortar Bahn Mi, try Hawkers Asian Street Fare in Riverside, Q Cup Boba in Southside, or Chomp Chomp downtown.