Comedian Amy Schumer is the queen of calling out gender bias. Her Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” which is currently on its fourth season, aired a skit that shows her and several other female comics toasting their last f***able day. A day they satirically celebrate as the day in every actress’s life when the media decides they are too old to matter. This joke pokes fun at how older women are perceived in the media. Once females get past a certain age they are traded in for a younger model and become almost invisible.

Older women have had enough and are becoming vocal to prove that age is just a number. They are looking to break the stereotype of nagging mother or conservative grandma. Older women have always been badass, and they are finally getting some well-deserved recognition.

So, where did our obsession for old ladies come from exactly?

“The Golden Girls” was the first in pop culture to show outspoken elderly women with sharp tongues and a revolving door of men. These types of elderly women are now becoming more mainstream in the media. The Internet is guiding the movement of badass elderly women.

Betty White reached peak fame in her 90s by embracing her inner badassness and trending a movement of hip old ladies. In 2010, the public launched a campaign on Facebook asking Saturday Night Live to have Betty White as a host. She killed her episode with taboo jokes about her “muffin” missing a cherry, not liking balls and poking. Betty White has brought a new type of comedy option to her age group.

Older women have a lot to teach new generations about feminism. After all, they have had to go through typically worse, and they are an important voice for equality. The love of older icons is a wave of feminism that has previously been ignored.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg became a web sensation this summer when she voted for marriage equality. There is now a Tumblr page called “Notorious R.B.G” complete with merchandise and memes. Ginsberg has always been a pioneer for feminism and is finally getting the recognition she deserves.


This year, a new member joined the old lady game. Helen Van Winkle, known on the Internet as Baddie Winkle, is tight with Miley Cyrus and arguably the best grandma to become a viral sensation. Her Instagram is followed by over a million people, where she boasts, “stealing your man since 1928.” She dresses like a rave kid and dances to rap music as adorable as you could imagine.

Baddie sometimes dresses in nice floral dresses and other times in a beanie and Drake sweatshirt. She said that her Baddie Winkle persona helped her to cope with the death of her husband. Baddie is a rebel who doesn’t let her age dictate her life.

Whether they are in entertainment, politics or business, the list of powerful older women is endless. Girls of all ages can learn from the grace of these women. Age is just a number.