Jacksonville’s second annual Go Skate Day was held on June 21, 2013 in Hemmingway Plaza in Downtown Jacksonville. Hosted by KONA Skatepark and PB&J, the event was a huge success despite some less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Go Skate Day is a unique experience for local skaters because usually, their sport is unwelcome in the Downtown Area the event is hosted. Go Skate Day lets local skateboarders invade an area of the city they are usually hassled in.

AutoLine Dealership was especially excited for the event, as they had been planning for a secret board toss at the event some eight months earlier, along with a trick competition. A rep for Autoline explained their excitement over the surprise board toss: “Holding it a secret like this made it [Go Skate Day] seem like it was taking forever to get here!”

The rain came in just as the event began, but luckily cleared up a bit after about 45 minutes. Everyone worked hard to dry up the ramps quickly so that Go Skate Day could commence. As soon as the area was dried off, local skateboarders were everywhere. Although the rain did ward off a few participants, mostly everyone stayed out at the event to have some skating fun!

The event kicked off on the Instaramp, where hundreds of kids practiced tricks on a ramp brought into Hemmingway Plaza especially for the event.

After some fun on the Instaramp, the Autoline Real Street Best Trick Competition began. Despite some amazing competition, Autoline had to narrow it down to three Real Street Best Trick Winners. Splitting up 500$ between them, the winners were, as follows, Mitch Harnett with a switch 360 flip earning him $250, Jake Sykes with a Switch back Heelflip earning him $150, and Brook Jones with a Switch Big Spin that earned him $100 in cash.

As the competition wrapped up and the band went on, Autoline’s favorite part of the event began. They instructed everyone they had a surprise coming, and then began throwing out 100 brand new Autoline skateboard decks. A rep for Autoline explained, “As I ran around to get as many pictures that I could, every kid that I stopped for a photo expressed their gratitude and thanks which made it that more special for us!”

Keep your eyes peeled around Jacksonville for the 100 skateboarders now boasting their free brand new Autoline decks! Thank you Autoline for being passionate and generous supporters of the skate scene in the Jacksonville area! Video footage of the successful event can be seen below…