Gunner Snead isn’t your typical 6-year-old boy. Starting at a young age in Aspen, Colo., Snead was involved in high-energy activities with his family such as hiking, skiing and snipe hunting. With his firecracker personality and a motivated approach to learning, Snead was eventually introduced to a skateboard and has been hooked ever since.

Living down the street from the Atlantic Beach skatepark has not only allowed Snead to improve his skills, but has also introduced him to older skaters who have been a positive influence.

The local skateboard community has had a huge impact on Snead and his passion for skating, and has taught him to just “go for it!” The sport has allowed him to view the world in a new light, and look at simple things such as driveways and curbs and turn them into opportunities and challenges to overcome.

At such a young age, Snead has proved that he’s able to “hang with the big dogs”and his outstanding skating abilities speak for themselves. Watch out Tony Hawk, Gunner Snead is comin’ in hot!


How long have you been skating?

6 years (He’s only 6.)

What’s your favorite trick?

I like handplants and boneless-es.

What trick are you working on right now?

Lien airs, boneless-es and 50/50s on the pool coping

Who’s your skateboard idol?

Shaun White, The Wild Grinders and the Bones Brigade

Favorite place to skate in North Florida?

The A.B skatepark and Kona

We hear you dropped in on the big end of the A.B. bowl; is this true?!

Yes, it’s easy. My dad can’t do it though.


What do you see in store for your skateboarding future?

Learning handplants! They’re so cool.

Favorite skate video?

“Bones Brigade: the Search for Animal Chin.” I’ve seen it a million times!