On October 12, three of Florida’s best up-and-coming bands played a phenomenal show together downtown at The Underbelly. The event was held Saturday night to promote Sunbears! new 7″ record featuring songs from their album You Will Live Forever. Also featured on the unique “galactic crystal clear” records, which were made locally here in Jacksonville, is a new song titled “He’s A Lie” from the upcoming SUNBEARS! album, Future Sounds due this spring. Sunbears! chief songwriter Jonathan Berlin and the rest of his merry band played a booming set complete with a stunning light show to close out the record release party that featured some of the band’s new material alongside their previously heard music such as “They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical” and others.

Swimm, who were recently featured in Void’s Water issue, performed just before Sunbears! and also played a tremendous show. Adam Winn and Chris Hess are no strangers to Underbelly, but managed to once again draw a large crowd and put on a remarkable performance. In addition to crowd favorites such as “Feels” or “Souvenir”, Swimm also performed two new songs for their upcoming album that both Winn and Hess say is still a long way off, but currently in the demo stages. After their show, Winn and Hess shared some exclusive details with Void about their latest exploits and plans for the new record. Recently, Swimm went on a two month tour with Hockey,  an American indie rock band from Portland, Oregon, that took them around the nation. “It was really great and we got to see a lot of the country that we’ve never seen before and had some really fun shows,” said Hess. “Basically from that tour we went straight to LA and started living there for the last month or so. Since then we have been concentrating on writing new music for our first full length album as Swimm.”

Hess said that the band plans for the new album to begin with 25 original songs that will eventually be cut and trimmed down to roughly 11 tracks. Winn added that Swimm will begin recording the album this winter with plans to release it sometime this spring. “It’s still a long ways away, but it’s getting there,” said Winn. “I’m excited about a lot of the new songs, but we’ve got a long ways to go.”


The first band to perform at the show was Alexander & The Grapes, a folk-pop quartet from St. Petersburg, Florida. Lead by singer Alexander Charos, his brother Philip on drums, guitarist Chase Swan and bassist Tom Dicks, the four-man team put on yet another amazing concert for those attendees who showed up earlier to the event, which was held from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. The band performed songs from their first studio album titled, Hemispheres that came out previously in June 2012 via the Florida label New Granada and via the band’s personal vinyl/cassette imprint, Viva La Records! pictured below.


If you weren’t lucky enough to be at this event downtown Saturday night, music from each of these bands can be purchased on their websites in both digital, CD and vinyl mediums. To hear what you missed, listen to these tracks listed below via Soundcloud.