So, who do you look to when you get that craving for some new school hip hop with an old school feel? Well look no further than Bishop Nehru The 16-year-old phenom from Rockland County, NY.  Bishop, or Markel Scott if your his momma, draws his name from Tupac Shakur’s character Roland Bishop in the film, “Juice Bishop” and the former prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. I first got a taste of Bishop when he was featured on the Disclosure-produced track “You Stressin,” and was immediately impressed. That vintage slow-flow laid over a soul-funk hip hop rhythm came together to create a song that sounded like something straight off a J. Dilla mixtape. From the moment the track started, Bishop announced that his reign in hip hop had begun.
Bishop 1
Now, as with any music lover, once you hear a great song by a new artist you always go scouring the the internet for more material. Partially because you have that insatiable hunger for new tunes, and also because you want to see just how good the artist really is. In the case of Bishop, I was satisfied in both aspects. This kid was not a rookie by any means. Bishop first began releasing material when he was just 15. I don’t know about you, but when I was 15, all I cared about was sneaking out of the house and making it to football practice.
Once I began to  explore all of Bishop’s material, I quickly realized just how great of an artist he actually was. Bishop had already released two mixtapes, and was scheduled to release another this year, as well as a full length LP. Now when I say mixtape I’m not talking some, I-recorded-this-at-home-on-my-buddy’s-computer-mic mixtape. I’m talking production credits from DJ Premier, Madlib and MF Doom type of mixtape. That’s basically the equivalent of some new indie rock artist getting help from a Paul Banks, Isaac Brock and Alex Turner. Yeah I know, pretty crazy right. With this much help, how could these EPs not be a success. Unsurprisingly, they were.
Everything about Bishop just takes you back to a time where rappers with substance were the norm. Back to the days of conscious rap, where rappers such as Common and Nas didn’t just speak about nonsense, but instead told a story. 2014 is already shaping up to be a great year for Bishop,the release of the track “Why You Stressin” has him poised to make a solid breakthrough. As stated earlier, Bishop is scheduled to release two full length EPs this year. One titled, Nehruviandoom, which will be a full-length LP featuring Bishop alongside hip hop legend MF DOOM, while the other remains untitled at this point. If you don’t take my word for it, you should at least take current hip hop king Kendrick Lamar’s. In September of 2013, Lamar and Bishop ran into each other at a FUSE event where Lamar spoke with Bishop and explained how he much loved what Bishop was doing and to keep up with the hard work. A link to the video of the encounter is below.
A bright future is on the horizon for Bishop Nehru, he not only has the potential to seriously make his mark in not only the hip hop world, but the music industry as a whole. So go ahead, grab those headphones, turn those speakers up, and give the 16-year-old phenom from Rockland a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.