Meet Angela McKenna, of AMcK Artistry. She grew up in Arkansas, dreaming of going to college to study marine biology in Florida. However, The University of Arkansas offered her an academic scholarship that she could not refuse. She finished the first semester of her freshman year there, but the beach was calling her name. Angela packed up her things and drove to Florida to start her new adventure and live out her dream.

Angela said that she has always been known as the, “artsy,” one in her family, and is an avid doodler. McKenna has learned a few things from her mother, who is also very artistic, but she is completely self-taught when it comes to painting.

AMcK Artistry

Although Angela has always had an artistic side, she is fairly new to the art world. After moving to Jacksonville, Angela briefly lived in Costa Rica in 2012, where she began painting ocean scenes on pieces of wood at the beach. Her talents were quickly recognized, and she was asked to paint a mural on a wall in a club-house in Costa Rica.

“I have been painting ever since, and I am still learning as I go,” Angela said. She says her experiences in Costa Rica are really what has inspired her, and most of her pieces follow the same ocean-theme.

Since Angela has been back in Florida, she has participated in an art exhibition in downtown Jacksonville called, “Beneath the Sea, Under the River,” where she came in second place with her beach-themed paintings. Angela will also be participating in her third North Beach Art Walk since returning back to Jacksonville this Thursday at the Beaches Town Center in Atlantic and Neptune Beach from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can check out her art and meet Angela there, or you can also find her on Facebook at, or on Instagram @amck_artistry.