Most people know the statement “Do what you love,” and 55-year-old horror artist, Jerrod Brown, is an example of that.

“As far back as I can remember, I was drawing and painting in some form or fashion,” Brown said. “I worked as a ‘Scenic Mural Artist’ for two local companies for about 10 years. It was enjoyable work and I loved the experience, but not nearly as exciting as what I’m doing now.”


Jerrod Brown (left) and actor Ernie Hudson (right)

Brown currently lives in Jacksonville area with his wife of 34 years and their daughter, and likes to call Jacksonville his home.

“I have done a lot of traveling as a kid and as an adult,” Brown said.

Brown is an award-winning horror artist who is known for producing artworks like murals, illustrations, monstrous portraiture and genre book covers in his home studio. While creating original acrylic on canvas paintings, Brown sold his paintings and prints to various galleries, shows, conventions and by mail order.

According to his website, over 3,000 prints have been sold since Oct. 2008. However, Brown confirmed that he has sold his 4,000th print of the paintings, to date, this year.

“It’s beyond my wildest expectations,” Brown said.

His book covers have been published for various authors by companies like Dial R Studios, eTreasures Publishing, Bluewater Productions (Vincent Price Presents), Wicked East Press and Sonar4 Publications.

Brown was an eight-time runner-up and honorable mention in the worldwide Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, three-time winner of the Preditors & Editors book cover art award and is a two-time winner of the Local Artists Coming Together trading card initiative.

He was even the HorrorHound Magazine art contest winner in 2015. He won the Whitfield Book Cover Award for cover of the year and the Freaking Scary Site Award.

“I’ve been a fan of all things horror since I was a kid. I grew up admiring the paintings of Basil Gogos, the artist of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine covers from the 1960s and ’70s,” \ Brown said. “I had the wonderful honor of meeting and talking with him at length in 2007. After that discussion, he inspired me to make a goal of what I really love. I’ve only been painting the horror genre for 10 years now, but I’ve really found my passion. Not to mention, all the wonderful people I’ve met and have supported my work along the way.”

Several of Brown’s original paintings have been sold to notable actors and actresses in the horror film industry. According to his website, four unique commissioned paintings permanently adorn the walls of Wolf’s Museum of Mystery in Old St. Augustine, along with his supporting role in the WMOM the Movie.


“To commemorate my 10 years of painting horror. There will be a gallery show the entire months of September and October at the ‘Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum’ with a reception on September 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. The show will be called ’10 Years of Monsters and Mayhem,’” Brown said.

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