On the first Wednesday of every month most of Jacksonville’s artist, hipsters, scenesters, and commoners alike make a pilgrimage to Adams St. (Down Town) and its surrounding blocks for Art Walk. Here you’ll find Jacksonville’s beautiful, ugly, and all around weird. About 4-6 city blocks are transformed into a giant parade of creative expression, from the pedestrians walking down the street (everyone is an artist in their own rite and art walkers are well…walking proof of that) to the art covered walls of The Carling, 11E, and of coarse the old library (to name just a few), to Jacksonville’s underground music scene playing on the sidewalks. Here are a few photos to give you a taste of the scene that happens only once a month.

Adams St.

SALVAGED found art show (The Carling)

Hosted by Sara Basse and Kyle Cannon

poisonous ghost (London Bridge)

Ian Chase