The WW Motocross Track in Jacksonville is a dream for motocross enthusiasts. The idea was part of a vision created by Wayne Scarborough Jr., who’s spent the last 45 years enjoying the sport. Most people call him Junior, and he’s not afraid to get dirty. Mud makes up a big part of Scarborough’s life, between riding motocross and working on his own track for others to ride.

Scarborough’s love for motocross started 45 years ago, when he hopped onto his first dirt bike at the tender age of 3. After Scarborough inherited his family’s ranch, he immediately began the process of constructing a motocross track.

“I’ve watched motocross evolve and I’ve always wanted to do it and have one. I went to the city, submitted my plans and started the process,” Scarborough said. “I thought I could do it in 6 months and it’s been 3 years plus.”

Dirt 2

The track has a 2:10 race time, making it the largest and only outdoor national track in Jacksonville. Scarborough said between maintaining it and tweaking the layout, the track is always improving.

“We’ve been working on it now for three years, it’s always a work in progress,” Scarborough said. “It’s something that’s got to be constantly changed to keep the people happy.”

The 587-acre ranch allowed Scarborough and Jason Baker, the Dream Traxx developer, to create a huge course with tight turns, steep inclines and plenty of mud. Scarborough said the track’s immense size makes it suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.

“The thing that sets us apart from all other tracks around is that we’re set on a bigger piece of land. Another thing that sets us apart is that we’re new at it. We have passion, we have heart,” Scarborough said.

It’s all in the details, according to Scarborough. Everything matters, from keeping the fence in perfect condition to providing a variety of food for customers. He plans on revising the track every year to keep things fresh. He said it’s important to consider the needs of riders in order to improve the track.

“We have to listen to our riders and see what they’re saying,” Scarborough said.


The track is selectively open during most of the year, but Scarborough said from December to March, the track will be open five days a week. He said families traveling from as far as Canada camp at the ranch during the winter season to use the track.

Scarborough believes good riders should try various tracks, which is why riders come and go. But despite the track or race event, motocross has the same appeal everywhere because it’s a sport that brings people together.

“I’ve got friends that are now in their 20s and 30s and their dads and moms still come to watch them race. It’s more family-oriented in my opinion than baseball or football. You’d have to see what happens in a race out here; it’s a family gathering,” Scarborough said.

With its hairpin turns, enormous size, campgrounds and various food vendors, WW Motocross Park has enough to keep both spectators and riders coming back for more.