By Emily Simpson | Contributor

Jacksonville is fueled by forward thought, young entrepreneurs and, most importantly, people like the men behind Content Design Group, who envision a Jacksonville that competes with cities like Atlanta and New York. Greg Beere and Jason Fisher, the partners leading the Content team, are architectural masterminds: creating designs for spaces that are modern, advantageous and downright beautiful. These are the guys who brought us the design of Volstead, both Bold Bean locations, BREW Five Points, and the more recent remodel of the Chamber of Commerce building downtown.


Not only have they brought us some of our favorite hangouts in Jacksonville, they also create homes that are perfect for this time in this city. They are opening up a whole new market for young professionals who are itching for something modern.  “We are seeing a shift in architecture in this city,” said Beere and Fisher. The men told us that the key is that our city allow modern to happen.

A new home must be of its own time and place. Gone are the days of huge dining rooms and formal living rooms that are only used for the holidays. “We appreciate modern as more of a lifestyle than strictly a design aesthetic, although we do love it as a design aesthetic,” said Beere. The guys at Content Design Group help stir up an excitement for fresh design: streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and functional for our technology driven society.


These guys got together to revolutionize the way we think about design back in 2008. However, they met almost ten years ago during while working alongside multiple designers on one building plan. “Through that design process we felt like we thought about design the same way, and so we remained friends, but we knew that one day there could be more projects that we could work on together,” says Fisher. All of Jacksonville can be thankful that this premonition came to life.

What is your definition of design?

“The moment decisions are formed and ultimately made for a specific problem, whether it is size, scale, proportion, color, etc., those decisions become the design and determine it’s level of success. To continually strive for the best decision, within the confines of the allowable solution range to a given problem, is the most important step in ‘good design.’”  — Greg Beere and Jason Fisher

Their push for modern architecture in Jacksonville is influenced heavily by their travels and time spent exploring build-outs all over the country. They also stay updated on the indie scene and allow the culture of the city to permeate their work. They stick to the idea that design is always changing and evolving. They explained that for so long architecture and design was stagnant, and people were hesitant to break out of the mold that we see all around us. Content Design Group seeks to see that mentality progress in Northeast Florida. These men keep focused for client’s sake because design is a moving target, therefore, they follow it with a close eye. “Everyone deserves good design,” said Fisher.


To pick one space in particular to highlight would be quite the feat because every location that Content has had their hands on ends up being a masterpiece. There is BREW Five Points with its community seating, concrete bar, Edison bulb light fixtures, and hooks lining the bar for laptop bags: every 20-something’s dream. We all know and love Volstead with its prohibition style décor, vintage wall art, and horse shoe shaped bar which makes grabbing a drink efficient. We cannot forget our favorite roasters: Bold Bean. The design at both locations is crafted for the surrounding culture. The beaches location boasts of white subway tile, mint chairs and light, airy accents; while the Stockton hub is modern industrial with exposed brick, foundry inspired tables and a bar overlooking our beloved baristas.

These guys take projects from vision to reality and produce spaces that are creative and refreshing. Design is more than color schemes and light fixtures, though those aspects of a space are important; design is the solution to a problem. It is all about functionality and brand identity.


To say that these guys are architectural geniuses would be an understatement. Beere and Fisher are helping catapult this city into new mediums of design and they help all of us contemplate modernity. So lets embrace this love of all things modern, because if there is one thing that young professionals, family folks and hipsters can all agree upon is that power cord docks are important. Let the new wave of architecture commence.