By: Sara Restrepo

Void is ecstatic about Viddy, a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  This app can capture one’s everyday endeavors, embarrassing moments or even silly talents. What’s unique about Viddy is that it allows one to enhance their video by adding filters and music. So basically, YouTube and Instagram had one too many drinks, made a baby and called it Viddy.  Through this app, one can  share the video with friends through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Despite the cool features on this app, we did encounter a couple of glitches.  This app takes ages to download, and for those of you that have Androids, it might give you some trouble uploading your video onto Viddy. Another down side is that Viddy only allows you to upload a 15 second long video. Regardless of these glitches, we are crazy about the app and have already started using it!

Check out our first Viddy video!