Gov. Scott

Gov. Scott

*Updated on May 31*

Governor Rick Scott is on the tail-end of negative feedback once again, this time from Anonymous – no, not an internet troll with no username, the hacktivist group.

In a video posted to Facebook, a supposed Anonymous member called for “impeachment proceedings immediately” against Scott. The group claims Scott profited from land-use deals and the state’s sugar industry by allowing the redirection of water from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf and Atlantic, rather than the Everglades. Anonymous believes this has caused the destruction of marine life and ecosystems in the process.

Scott is further attacked by the group for supposed Medicaid fraud. During the 1990s, Scott was the CEO for hospital chain Columbia/HCA. The chain pleaded guilty to 14 counts of corporate fraud in 2000, and paid $1.7 billion in fines. Additionally, the hacktivist group claims Scott protects corrupt Florida politicians.

This begs the question, who the hell is speaking here for Anonymous? Well, it’s not an easy answer.

Anonymous appeared around 2003, on the website 4chan. Since then, it has become a very loosely associated group of activists and “hacktavists” – think an activist with a lot of computer skills. There’s no official website or social media account for the group, and “members” choose how they participate. Basically, it’s a thing that doesn’t really exist … like Fight Club.

Void hit the deep web to scour common Anonymous websites and social media accounts (they frequent Twitter, oddly), but couldn’t find the video anywhere. The original, and only, source seems to be an obscure, Vietnamese Facebook page that has more political rants than a crazy relative during election season.

The next step? Anonymous has a laundry list of causes it’s taken up over the years. Most of them never get past a passive aggressive video posted on obscure websites. Some of them have lead to the shutting down of websites or exposing of data, but not too often. To be honest, no one is even sure if this video is actually from Anonymous or if someone is trying to capitalize on their name.

Scott’s office and state authorities were made aware of the video but don’t seem too concerned. They determined there was no real threat in the video and haven’t pursued any further action beyond monitoring. So, it’s likely this isn’t going anywhere.

But, as Anonymous commonly claims, “We do not forgive and we do not forget – expect us.”


After we published the original article, someone “in” Anonymous reached out to us and offered to provide more information and content on the topic (I say “in” because it’s difficult to say exactly who is and isn’t Anonymous). Watch the latest video below:

According to the video’s author, the new release displays, “Evidence that I have also attached that Former Judge Mark Steinbeck was doing cases Illegally an the Government is caught.”

They went on to explain that a, “Miami News Times Reporter conspired to help cover this situation of Fraud on the Court and acting like a Judge in the above Article. As you can see Steinbeck could NOT have RETIRED because he was only a Judge from 2006-2014 attorneys and reporters have looked at this as well as Judicial Watch that was too busy due to the email scandal with Hillary.

You can Google and see the Cases he did in 2015 one in May and one in Oct 2015 in Naples Daily News and Ft Myers Newspress. You can also see yourself that Ft Myers Newspress put it out there he RETIRED intentionally right here rather then RESIGNED. That is a big Difference.

Since then, the group has sent in two more videos: