From Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan, we’ve always been taught that mermaids are beautiful and graceful creatures that look just like us. Well, except for the whole tail-instead-of-feet and living under water and all.

But a documentary that aired earlier this year on Animal Planet called “Real Mermaids” has everyone freaked out and made us rethink our beautiful childhood movies.

In the series that first aired in 2012 dubbed “Mermaids: The Body Found” was meant as more water cooler talk. But when the show recieved incredible ratings, it only made sense for the network to “revisit” the debate a year later with Mermaids: The New Evidence.

I look at these videos and obviously think “FAKE”,  but it sparked a lot of debate among conspiracy theorists, making many people believe the series was true and sparked record ratings for the same network that used to have real animals for their programming.

But even if it’s fake, 95% of the ocean is still undiscovered so it makes the idea of coming across a real mermaid still a possibility, right?



Ok, no.

Regardless real or not,these “mockumentaries”  are going to continue to be made as long as the ratings are there. But if Animal Planet makes another show next year, I’d rather the mermaids look like this….

Real Mermaids

Real Mermaids


Real Mermaids