Remember a few days ago when everyone freaked out because there was an earthquake off the coast of Florida? Sorry, false alarm! Earthquakes in this region are extremely rare and almost totally unheard of. You can count all of Florida’s notable quakes on one hand, hence the panic and excitement when the U.S. Geological Survey reported on June 10 that they’d detected a 3.7 magnitude earthquake shaking just 100 miles from Daytona’s shores.

Well it turns out it wasn’t a real earthquake after all. The seismic rumble picked up by monitors was actually the result of the Navy conducting test explosions out in the ocean. Florida is several hundred miles away from any active fault lines, where earthquakes usually strike, thus our risk of ever experiencing a serious seismic event is extremely low. The next time you feel the ground shaking beneath you, don’t panic! It’s probably either a garbage truck, more secret navy tests or your morbidly obese neighbor falling off the couch.

Fat Cat