The St. Augustine Amphitheatre is no more. Don’t worry, though. The 4,700-capacity venue is not going away. The beloved North Florida concert and community event site has rebranded. From henceforth, it shall be called… The Amp. The rebrand also comes with a new logo, a new tagline, and new web address.

Rebranding is a funny thing. In his oft-quoted 1990’s HBO special, comedian Dana Carvey riffs on the moment when famed Police frontman Sting officially rebranded. “Excuse me,” Carvey says in a British accent tinged with deference. “From now on would you mind calling me… Sting?” The audience laughs heartily at this conceit before Carvey quickly takes on the persona of someone of whom Sting has made the request, incredulously lifting a middle finger. “Yeah, right,” he says. “My name’s Bite. This is my buddy Scratch.”

While rebranding from Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner to Sting was assuredly quite a stretch, The Amp goes down smooth. It’s not a far cry from “St. Aug Amp” or “The Amphitheatre,” two sobriquets I’ve often heard people use for the venue. And when you’ve built a reputation like The Amp has–Pollstar Magazine named The Amp #3 in the United States and #4 worldwide in its Midyear Top 50 Amphitheatre Venues poll–you can call yourself whatever the hell you want.

“It’s perfect timing because we’ve spent the last decade really building this amazing thing in our corner of the world,” says The Amp’s Director, Ryan Murphy. “What I’m hoping to achieve is that we could be looked at as the example of what needs to be happening, so to rebrand ourselves as ‘The Amp’ is very much in that vein of understanding that we are what it is to be an Amphitheatre.”

Aside from the shortened moniker, The Amp has adopted the tagline, “Big Acts, Small Venue” to drive home the distinctive, intimate experience the venue offers concert goers.

The Amp’s 2019 concert season kicks off this Friday with a sold-out performance by country music icons Alabama. Check out the full concert calendar at The Amp’s new website: