The people behind a real estate blog did a little research to find out what types of weird questions people from each state search on Google most frequently. They used Google’s autocomplete feature to figure out the most commonly searched questions. Then, they used Google Trends to determine which states were asking those questions the most. The results are eye-opening yet somewhat disturbing at the same time.

The most popular questions tell you quite a bit about the types of people that live in each state. Queries like “Does bread make you fat?” from California, “What are jorts?” from Kentucky, and “How to become a stripper?” from Georgia seem very fitting and honestly, exactly what you would expect from those places.

Some of the real standouts that will make you question the sanity and intelligence of your fellow citizens include: “Is Africa a country?” (Georgia), “Do midgets have night vision?” (Indiana), “Where is Canada?” (Michigan), “How to make meth?” (Kansas), “How to join ISIS?” (Wisconsin), and “What is Wyoming?” (Wyoming). Really, America?

Among the list of Florida’s most common questions is the classic, “Why does everyone hate Florida?” If you can’t answer that one yourself, you probably haven’t been in Florida long enough. At least Floridians seem to know who Jesus is and where all the major continents are located, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Check out the full image below.