Anheuser-Busch, owned by Belgian company InBev since 2008, is out to prove they are more patriotic than anyone this summer. Instead of adorning their Budweiser cans with stars and stripes, the beer is changing its name to “America.”


Although not a permanent change, the company is rebranding Budweiser to “America” from May 23 through the elections. This means when you hear somebody yelling, “Murica,” at the bar this Fourth of July, they might simply be trying to order a pint of golden piss water from a can.

Last year, the company used limited-edition packaging featuring the Statue of Liberty and held a national happy hour event on Flag Day in 2011. So far, no brand changes have been announced for Bud Light. Might we suggest state names or simply “Merica” for consideration?


USA, USA … or O beloved Belgium?

The company isn’t stopping at the name either. The new labels will include patriotic slogans such as “E Pluribus Unum,” “Land of the Free” and “Indivisible Since 1776.” In addition to the Fourth and the elections, the company is hoping to ride off the increased patriotism from the Olympics, of which Budweiser is an official sponsor, and the soccer tournament Copa America.

“All Budweiser served in the U.S. is brewed in the U.S.,” a spokesman for Anheuser-Busch said. With 12 breweries in the States, that’s certainly true. Too bad your money will be going to Belgium with every can of “America” you pop open.