Amazon has tried to get into its own TV programs before without much success, unlike Netflix, who has seen tremendous success with most of their original series. They now have ordered five full seasons on Amazon Originals after releasing pilots online and getting feedback from viewers.

“The Man in the High Castle” was their most-watched pilot and is one of the shows that have been ordered. It’s based on Philip K. Dick’s alternative history novel, in which Nazi Germany and Japan were the victors of World War II. The other shows are “New York Presents,” a show about the magazine. There are two kids’ stories, “Just Add Magic” and “The Stinky & Dirty Show.” The last is “Mad Dogs,” a dark comedy based off a UK show.

This is their answer to the success of Netflix and their originals, but will Amazon see the same positive results? Watch the pilot episode for “The Man in the High Castle” below and judge for yourself.