The 10th season of “Sunny” defied odds. It’s hard to stay constantly hilarious for a long period of time, and going strong for 10 years is very rare. When long-running comedies come to mind, mostly animated ones are the first thought of. “Sunny” bucks that trend, never running out of material or becoming dry.

The two highlights of the season were ” The Gang Beats Boggs,” the season opener, and ” Charlie Work.” The gang out drinking the Baseball Hall of Famer’s (Wade Bogg) supposed record of beers during a cross-country flight brings some of the best moments in the show’s history. Frank trying to chug a beer, and then passing out in the aisle, is an iconic Philly scene.


“Charlie Work” is another episode that completely ditches their normal setup. The health inspector is coming and no one cares but Charlie, who somehow gets them to pass every time. Of course, no one recognizes it because it is Charlie work after all. The episode highlights every crazy or disgusting part about each member of the gang.

“The Gang Group Dates” was a great episode that looked inside of Dennis, while he threw a few giant tantrums. Mac, Charlie and Frank working together to pick up girls and trying to avoid saying their usual nonsense was great as well.

The show this season at times delivered some of the best moments in it’s 10-year run. It has an ability go deep into the mind of each insane character. Whether it’s Dee, Dennis, Frank or Charlie, the longer the show goes on, the more nuts these people seem to be. This was shown during “The Gang Goes on Family Feud,” one of the best episodes of the year. Taking place at a game show the entire time, Mac is weird and can’t stop doing dumb things. Dee tries to be funny by being vulgar. Frank is disgusting (toe knife). Charlie is crazy and uneducated and Dennis is well, Dennis, breaking down at the very end. The episode was each character in a nutshell.


Season 10 brought some of the funniest episodes in the show’s history. It continues to get smarter and expand on the crazy character development unlike most other shows. “Sunny” is, and will be, remembered as one of the best live-action comedies of all time.