If you’ve watched “Sunny” regularly, you might have heard the name, Psycho Pete. One of the group’s friends from high school who apparently was in a mental institution for killing and eating his family. As the title suggests, he returned to Phili for this episode, and it he wasn’t psycho at all.

*Full Spoilers Ahead*

When Pete comes to the bar, the gang is sitting around trashing the mentally ill, not noticing he’s standing right behind them. That is almost the theme of the whole episode, them treating Pete poorly and him turning out to be too nice to realize. Dennis, Frank and Dee go to a mental hospital to try and get them to put Pete back in, only to find out it has been shut down. In one of the funnier moments Dennis rants about them needing to reopen it, for his taxes not to go to it, finally realizing that most of their taxes have gone to a new Eagles’ practice facility. Something him and Dee are ok with, so the Eagles don’t get hurt in practice while mentally ill are shown less attention.


This episode never hits full stride as Mac and Charlie get the help of Cricket, a show regular, to help absolve Pete of his sins. When that fails, they attempt an exorcism that never really gets started. Frank has the strangest part. Once he saw the mental institution it reminded him of when he was at his “nitwit” school and roomed with frog boy. He has talked about it in former episodes and goes on a quest to find out what happened to the boy they crossed with a frog. Once he tracks down his old doctor, he is told and remembers froggy was his imaginary friend and eventually him. Dennis gets prescribed meds after seeing a doctor and trying to get meds for Pete, by going on one of his creepy rants.

Psycho 1

When they all return the bar, Pete says he was never psycho and never killed his parents. It was just all rumors that Mac and Charlie had spread. He was even getting mental help for an anxiety disorder, something he thought they could help him with since they used to be friends. The gang sends him on a train to LA for help, claiming it’s what he needs, while he thanks them. Not much of a pay off from the entire set up of the episode. However, even with its worst showing of the season, “Sunny” still gets more laughs that most TV shows.