We’ve all seen those websites and apps where girls can rate guys. This week, the gang group dates and has a go with some of these online ratings.

*Full spoilers ahead*

At the bar they decide to have group dating nights. First, they were excited to make more money, but that wouldn’t last long as they were all to distracted with their own group dates. Dennis brings back the infamous “D.E.N.N.I.S.” system, but when he finds out how low he was rated on an app, he looses his poise. Dennis loosing it brings the funniest parts of the episode. He even goes to the waitress, to try and get her approval on the rating site, before realizing he doesn’t want her approval. Dennis then gives every girl he sees a verbal zero. He had been rating girls for years on his homemade sex tapes, so to see him publicly rated and humiliated brought it full circle.


Frank, Mac and Charlie also hold their own, with a bevy of funny material. They go on group dates and with Frank, trying to train Mac and Charlie not to talk about rats, cats, muscles or anything else repulsive. Naturally, they struggle with it, and Frank has a whistle he blows ending their date when they approach any of those subjects. They end up progressing pretty far before it starts to go off the rails and they give up.

Dee believes that she is the most empowered woman in Phili, after banging a lot of guys and giving them low ratings on the app. She eventually comes to find out the guys don’t care about how they are rated and just enjoy the easy opportunity to have sex with her without any type of work.

This episode shows the gang offending people and driving them away for the most part, which is how it should be if they were to try and enter a group date. Seeing Dennis’ meltdown over his ratings is the funniest part of the episode, but the other members of the bar each have great moments as well.