Mac’s dad makes a return to the show and wants Mac to leave him alone, as usual, after he has been accused of murder. Meanwhile Dennis, Frank and Dee try to keep a show regular from killing himself.

*Full spoilers ahead*

Luther, Mac’s dad, has been in a number of episodes, all in which Mac does an extremely stupid thing, causing harm to the ex-felon. Here he is accused for murder, slicing someones head off with a stop sign. From behind bars he warns Mac and Charlie not to do anything at all regarding his case. Charlie, who specializes in bird law, appoints himself to Luther’s council.

While this is going on, Bill Ponderosa, who was last seen in the season 9 finale, wants to drink himself to death. Dennis and Dee were already depressed from news about two ferry drivers crashing into things. Frank, who is wearing absurd looking clothing, is enjoying himself throughout most of this.


They go to Bill’s former family, his kids and ex-wife, who all want him to die. The youngest mentioning being made an omelet with cocaine in it. Bill’s sister, Maureen, who we last saw with massive fake breasts used to seduce Dennis, has moved them to her face, in order to look like a cat.

After going to the crime scene and intimidating a witness by accident, Charlie and Mac find that Charlie’s mom had visited Mac’s dad. They go visit her leading to find out about an “exchange” with a man where Mac’s dad “showed his dominance” in a sexual way. Even though they “finished on each other,” Mac denies anything strange. The other man was the killer, but the gang meets up where Bill said he’ll just take the blame, since he was going to die anyways. When he goes to confess, he sees a message from a shirt Frank gave him, causing him to simply say the other man’s name. Luther is going to be released, but the episode ends with him telling Mac he’ll probably get killed for snitching before he can get out.