The title of this episode was inspired by a 1980s Chevy Chase movie, and as you can guess, they do need to spy on someone … it just happens to be each other.

*Full spoilers ahead.*

The poor waiter, from a season 8 episode, “The Gang Dines Out,” and “The Gang Group Dates,” from this season, is subject to more torment from the gang as they return to the restaurant Gugino’s. He just happens to be the main character who sticks out from this episode, even if isn’t solely centered around him. None of the guys seem to remember him or tying his shoelaces, causing spaghetti to fall and land on top of him, probably because they are alcoholics and horrible people.

The episode returns back to its regular formula, with Dennis and Mac sending Dee too spy on a Chinese fish company next door. Not letting Charlie and Frank in on it, Charlie tries to spy on them to find out. He awkwardly tries to give Mac and Charlie flowers, with a camera attached to it, with Frank in his ear and him responding directly to Frank. They throw away the flowers and get down to business on their laptop.

Meanwhile, Dee is working at the fish factory, causing accident after accident while trying to find what the boss is doing. Charlie invites the other two to the restaurant, and the waiter informs them fish is in small supply due to accidents at their supplier. Frank finds the laptop and asian cream-pies in the history, leading him to believe they are going to go into business with the Chinese for pastries. It’s a decent reveal as the viewer will notice there has been no major scheme and Mac and Charlie just wanted alone time to watch a different type of cream-pies. Like the psycho Pete episode, the pay off is not as rewarding as the build up.

Fortunately, there are enough side events for this episode to be entertaining. The waiter, as mentioned earlier, gets stiffed multiple times by the guys. They return again, only to find out the restaurant is entirely out of the fresh market fish, because the Chinese place has shut down. Dee, while trying to seduce her boss, claiming “she’s blonde and American,” gets her hair caught in a machine. Charlie, before he realizes what type of cream-pie Mac and Dennis actually have been looking up, tries to get in on their new business in an absurd conversation where he wants to cream-pie together with them.

This episode puts a slight spin on the usual “gang has a crazy plan” and does it, with the plan being nonexistent at all, and Mac and Dennis just wanting to be alone. For … you know, cream-pies.