Over the last couple of seasons, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has gotten introspective on themselves, while examining the show in some really smart ways. The two episodes that come to mind are “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award,” which is a commentary on TV awards and their type of humor, and “The Gang Recycles Their Trash,” which is almost the same plot as a previous episode, but the group’s roles are changed after determining they shouldn’t do the same thing over and over again. This week’s episode explores some of those themes, with everyone fed up with the lunacy from the last few weeks and tired of each other causing each person to do their own thing and trying to revert to the early days of the show.

*Full Spoilers Ahead*

We start off with the group trying to catch a party boat, in their usual set of characters and routines. Dennis plans to give off aggressive vibes and pull some chicks, Dee is playing a new character with horrible catch phrases, Charlie and Frank are eating rum-soaked worms. Dennis, in his Range Rover, claims it can navigate through water, and drives into the bay.

Back at the bar, mad Dennis comes out, wanting to be the cool guy again. This season, especially, he’s been throwing a temper tantrum an episode, so he leaves trying to solve it by himself. Mac copies him and leaves to go be a party boy and Frank leaves to find a new gang, wanting to recreate some of the schemes he missed in season 1, when he was not part of the cast. That leaves Charlie and Dee alone at the bar.

Without the rest of the gang, Charlie and Dee seem to get along great. They go to a diner and order chicken sandwiches, where Charlie isn’t forced to eat the beak. They each like def poetry and bond over that, before having sex in Dee’s apartment.

Frank finds a group of people who just bought a bar and tries to replicate what he had with Paddy’s by financing crazy schemes. He soon finds out they actually work at the bar and won’t just get wasted and refuse customers. He brings in a lot of underage kids by buying them fake ID’s, replicating a scheme from season 1, but the bar shuts down because of it, ultimately bringing him back to Paddy’s.

Dennis keeps trying to sell his Range Rover, that is still engulfed in water. Each time getting more and more angry, loosing his mind. It seems like Mac, who is out partying in a mesh shirt, finally admits he is gay until he then brings a girl to the bar …

This is when the whole gang admits as weird and stupid as a group they are, it’s probably better off than being on their own. It seems like the show is sort of admitted and proving that the group dynamic gets crazier and crazier, but it works and they won’t ever run out of new material. Charlie and Dee don’t admit anything happened, while they bust in on Mac, who was just paying the girl he brought home to make it sound like they were having sex. They start to question him and ask him to finally say he’s gay until he asks for them to not ask questions and let him do his thing. They all agree to just do their regular thing and Frank pays for the car to be taken out of the water and fixed.

It seemed for a little there could be some permanent change to the group, but none yet as the characters were willing to face anything that went on when they were alone. To top it all of, Frank brings back Rum Ham to celebrate.