Episodes that feature the whole group, completely outside of the bar have been really funny and successful in the past. The season‘s opener, which all took place on a plane, “The Gang Get Stranded in the Woods” and “The World Series Defense” are just a few that take place outside of Paddys. What makes each of these great is how they interact with each other in normal settings.

*Full Spoilers Ahead.*

The gang is chosen to be on a “Family Feud” type of game show called, “Family Fight.” Just with the premise alone, we know how absurd the gang would look on a game show. Dee wants to be a dirty-mouth pretty girl, Frank’s trying to push a political agenda, and they are all in their usual roles.


The game show host is played by Keegan-Michael Key, who tries to stay professional throughout the performance. After Frank gets the first round, the group gets to guess answers off the board. They are answering for an animal that people eat but it doesn’t eat people. Dennis, says sea urchin and gets it wrong causing a loud buzzer, which he becomes completely afraid of. Dee says she likes to eat c*** causing the host to go off. Charlie says dragon, and amazingly it was right, as one person on the survey said dragon.

During the show, Dennis is trying to prove himself as a respectable and intelligent man. While Charlie doesn’t know what cottage cheese is, saying “I’m not a cottage guy.” Crazy answers continue to pop up, such as spiders and bride for what do you groom yourself with. Then Charlie remembers he was one of the people who took the survey for the answers and that’s why there is always one crazy answer with only one person who voted for it. Frank continues to dance around and yell “sha boo-ya” as they get closer to beating the other family.

The Reynolds win, speaking to the other team for the first time, all yelling Frank’s “sha boo-ya” in their face. Two members of their team get to play for more money, each alone. Dee and Dennis are set to go, but Dee, who has refused to eat leading up to the show, passes out. Frank goes and gets every question right, so Dennis only needs to get one. He has grown so scared of the buzzer, he winces and jumps when it goes off. At an earlier point, the whole gang was making the sound themselves just to scare him. So naturally, during his turn he winces and misses every question, falling on to the ground crying as the credits end, while begging for them not to air that part. Dennis really has lost it throughout the whole season, and this episode proves it.