Frank decides he has no more passion for running the bar in this week’s episode.

*Full Spoilers ahead.*

The entire episode is a Dennis and Dee vs Charlie battle to see who will gain control of Frank’s 51 percent of the bar. They were three bottles of tequila deep and decided that when anyone from the gang dies, their share of the bar will go to their first born. They all signed it in blood. Dennis and Dee claim they get the bar but Charlie argues he may be Frank’s son while the other two are just his step kids.

Mac declares that he will play both sides, to each of the sides, something he will continue to do throughout the episode. That follows a trend of Mac doing the same really stupid thing over and over again. Charlie tries to get Frank’s blood for a test while he is asleep, but gets way to much blood and puts it in a blood bucket. Him and Mac go to the doctor that has been in plenty of episodes, who tells them to get out of his office. Dee realizes since her and Dennis are twins and she came out just first, that the bar is hers. Charlie once again tries to get Frank’s blood, with Dee’s help, getting way to much again and putting in a grocery bag, which he drops.


Let’s not forget the continued blood oaths Mac tries to do when playing each sides. First with Charlie, using Frank’s toe knife and cutting himself to much. Then with Dennis and Dee and with a lime knife. This was a really bloody episode. The second time Mac cuts his himself leads to a hilarious scene because Dennis asks Mac to kick Charlie out of the bar. Mac tries to choke him out but ends up knocking himself out.

Franquito is a name that owns 3 percent of the bar. No one remembers who or what Franquito is, even Frank. Dennis, who spotted a latino Frank doppeganger, convinces everyone it’s Frank’s son he had with their Spanish maid and Franquito will sign his portion of the bar over. About that time, Frank gets excited over his son (who’s not actually his at all), and decides he does have passion and un-retires.

The plot of the episode wasn’t as important as it seemed, as Frank was made old and completely out of it by his retirement. All the disgusting things, mostly with blood, and each member of the gang taking sides was the gist of this week’s show.