Sunny’s 10th season comes to an end this week with a cult episode.

*Full spoilers ahead*

It all starts with thin mints. Since Mac keeps eating all of Dennis’s cookies, he types up a fake newsletter from “the master” that bans thin mints and other ridiculous things. Charlie, Mac and two of their buddies are all in for it, doing crazy exercises and anything else the newsletter said.

Dennis, who has grown to be an expert manipulator, gets worried when Frank and Dee find out about it and want to control the cult. Dee wants Dennis’s apartment fixed, and Frank wants to make someone eat a shit sandwich. It’s a dull episode for the season to go out on, after so many great ones. They each take their usual turns topping each other and manipulating the cult followers.

Ass Kickers

One of the main points of this week was to finally illustrate where and how much Dennis and Mac have been mooching off Dee by living in her apartment, since their’s burned down in last season’s finale. Dax Shepard guest stars as one of the members, but doesn’t add much.

The plan ends up getting exposed after Frank makes a guy eat a shit sandwich. Dennis was close to having them light themselves on fire and Dax’s character actually does, which burns the small amount of construction they did on Dennis’s apartment, just like last season.

It may have been one of the weakest episodes of the season, but it does not take away from it as a whole. For a show to be this constant into its 10th year is rare.