Let’s not defile our nappies–or even soil ourselves: La Luz is cooler than your band. Formed in 2012 in Seattle, La Luz almost immediately attracted the support of labels Hardly Art, Burger Records and psych-garage-rock-wunderkind Ty Segall. But the four-piece were more than some hip blip on the blog/bandcamp/(insert savvy media format here) map. Taking the neo-surf rock sound as a foundation, but avoiding the undertow of obligatory clichés that drown lesser bands, La Luz’s latest—the eleven-song collection Floating Features—is arguably a kind of masterpiece of what happens when the garage scene is aloud to move into another room; in this case, the green grow room in the attic. Songs like “Cicada,” “Mean Dream,” and “The Creature” are all reverb haze with equally syrupy vocal deliveries, and this latest from the band—guitar-vocalist Shana Cleveland, keyboard-vocalist Alice Sandahl, bassist-vocalist (and current Springfield resident) Lena Simon, and drummer Marian Li Pino—shows how La Luz meets, exceeds, and surely ignores the indie hype.

La Luz Floating Features Hardly Art


On tour late spring through early summer, La Luz will slide through Northeast Florida for a Thursday, June 14 show at Five Points’s Root Down. Put on by Boytoy guitarist Glenn Van Dyke’s Winterland Presents, the evening’s festivities will also include performances by fellow garage-heavies, New York’s Las Rosas, Orlando psych-rockers Timothy Eerie, and Jacksonville surf-garage trio The Mother Gooses.



Site: https://laluz.bandcamp.com/album/floating-features

Bandcamp: https://laluz.bandcamp.com/album/floating-features

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