Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright in the End

This album receives a 4 out of 5.

Weezer’s ninth studio album comes four years after their last album, Hurley. In an attempt to revert back to their origins, Everything Will Be Alright in the End was produced alongside Ric Ocasek, who worked with the band on some of their most popular albums, such as the Blue Album and the Green Album. Weezer said they felt Ocasek would be able to return to “the sound and the vibe of where the band came from.” The album is an obvious attempt to return to the early days that made Weezer such a renowned group, and while certain tracks do capture that essence, it still falls a bit flat in some areas. It’s safe to say, this is the band’s best album since Maladroit.

Top tracks: “Back To The Shack,” “Da Vinci” and “Foolish Father.”

The Weighted Hands – Hope

This album receives a 4 out of 5.

The Weighted Hands, based right here in Jacksonville, are a folk/punk band (think Mumford and Sons meet Dropkick Murphys) who recently released the solid album titled, Hope in late September. The album has a somber feel throughout many of the tracks, but also ramps up at times into a few extremely catchy tracks that make it pretty much impossible to not tap your foot. The Weighted Hands have an eclectic mix of band members and instruments, including mandolin, violin, drums, bass and acoustic guitar, but these never feel muddled. If you’re looking for some good memorable folk music, Hope is your answer. See the band for their album release show Nov. 26 at Jack Rabbits.

Top tracks: “Hope,” “Revolution” and “Nostalgic Blues”