The Neighborhood’s second album, Wiped Out!, is an album that perfectly showcases the musical landscape that we now live in, blurring together multiple genres. The band released their first album, I Love You, two years ago, featuring the single, “Sweater Weather,” a song that infiltrated every 16-year-old girl’s heart. The sophomore album is often the toughest for new artists, but with solid songwriting and catchy melodies, The Neighborhood avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. Singles “R.I.P 2 My Youth” and “Prey” give a great snapshot of the album, but upon further listening, “The Beach” and “Ferrari” create a greater depth to the album as a whole. On “The Beach,” Jesse Rutherford shows his development as a vocalist in a rising chorus. So, if the skies are grey and you’re feeling a little moody, turn on Wiped Out!, you won’t be disappointed.

Top tracks: “The Beach” and “R.I.P 2 My Youth”