“Haven’t stopped your smoking yet, so I’ll share your cigarette. Just to feel it in my fingers.”

Local Natives vocalist Kelcey Ayer begins the mellow tempo track Ceilings off their second studio album Hummingbird that was released in January of this year.

If you missed the band’s debut album, Gorilla Manor, back in 2010, you won’t want to miss Los Angeles-based indie rock group’s latest that has already received several positive reviews from numerous online outlets.

Hummingbird is a strong return for the band and sticks close to Local Natives’ roots, sharing many similarities to the groovy sound they were known for on Gorilla Manor  three years ago.

Local Natives

The group’s signature vocal harmonies paired with their compact instrumental meshing parallel to Gorilla Manor makes a welcomed return.

Certainly the biggest change with Hummingbird is the noticeably more different tone in the music that presents both a richer and more diverse album. And in this instance,  change is good.

The band collectively play guitar and sing vocals but is composed of bassist Taylor Rice, keyboardist and percussionist Kelcey Ayer, keyboardist and mandolin player Ryan Hahn, and lastly Matt Frazier who strictly plays the drums.

Shortly after Local Natives released Gorilla Manor, bassist Andy Hamm left the group and was replaced by Taylor Rice. The group described the split with Hamm as heartbreaking, but seem to be doing fine without the bassist.

Hummingbird is a powerful return for Local Natives and is easily one of 2013’s must-hear albums that includes our favorite tracks You & I, Heavy Feet, Breakers and Ceilings.

Check out the YouTube video below to hear Ceilings and see for yourself why this is an album you won’t want to miss.