Lil Wayne 1

How on earth this album sold over 200,000 copies in its first week since its March 26 release date I will never understand, but perhaps this is a sign people are finally starting to step off the Lil Wayne bandwagon.

The latest album from Young Money ringleader titled, I Am Not A Human Being II, landed at #2 on’s top 200 albums, only being surpassed by Justin Timberlake’s new album The 20/20 Experience, restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity.

With all of the recent news surrounding Lil Wayne’s hospital visits just a week before I Am Not A Human Being II‘s release, the rapper stated publicly that he suffers from epilepsy. The cause of these seizures were drug-induced, and more specifically, purple drank-induced.

It seems that all of the codeine and fame have finally caught up with Dwayne Carter, ultimately resulting in the trash that is his latest album.

Carter doesn’t even act excited about his new album, let alone care. In a video he sent to TMZ Lil Wayne shared this, “Also, my bum-ass album coming out March 26… it’s 26? You’re gonna get that shit or you won’t. If not, it’s whatever.”

Lil Wayne released his album Tha Carter IV two years ago, which sold one million copies in its first week, proving that Wayne could produce an album completely devoid of any musical or artistic talent and still be one of the most successful powerhouses in the hip-hop game.

His latest album is no different, and it seems that Lil Wayne may have actually run out of new ways to rap about his favorite three topics; making money, being on drugs, or having sex. I Am Not A Human Being II is even more horrendous than the last Wayne album.

From start to finish, no song is different from the next, and nearly everything Lil Wayne raps about is either a lame dick joke or another drug reference.

Just to give you an idea of how bad the album’s lyrics are, here’s a lyrical breakdown published by Complex Magazine.

The album contains 182 uses of the word “nigga”, 102 uses of “bitch”, 63 references to having sex, 39 mentions of marijuana and 38 references to shooting people among other numerous references to pills, codeine, getting fellatio, giving cunnilingus, and skateboarding.

Aside from the repetitive and cheesy lyrics, lets talk about beats. I Am Not a Human Being II has more than enough of the heavy bass tracks that will piss-off everyone around you in traffic, but that’s about it. The only two tracks on the album that standout are the rock infused “Back to You” and old-school sounding “Rich as Fuck.”

So what do we take away from Lil Wayne’s latest album?

Lil Wayne is still great at taking drugs, making money and having sex, which is all you’ll take away from listening to I Am Not a Human Being II. The beats lack anything other than heavy “party-rap” bass, the funny lines Wayne was most-known for in the past are few and far between, and save possibly one track, the album is terrible. Next time, try putting a little bit of effort into your music, Weezy.

To hear the only decent track on I Am Not a Human Being II listen to “IANAHB” below.