Boards of Canada’s latest album, Tomorrow’s Harvest, is an amazingly beautiful work of music, and is a personal favorite. The Scotland-based duo has always been an under-the-radar type of group, and often chooses to avoid press or advertisements for their new music releases.

That being said, the group’s uniquely surreal blend of electronica music is immensely enthralling and has gained a large cult following since they started in 1986. Boards of Canada has a sound unlike other artists and it almost seems to paint a picture of some dreamscape or distant land as the music flows in through your speakers. Some describe their sound as ambient and their works are often compared to a movie’s soundtrack.

After a seven year drought, Tomorrow’s Harvest is instantly one of the Scottish duo’s best works to date and I highly recommend checking it out. Their sound is much different from a lot of music people are used to listening to, but Tomorrow’s Harvest offers a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and boring electronic music genre. To hear more of the new Boards’ album, the album can be purchased on iTunes or any other music provider, in addition to being available on Spotify and other streaming services.

For a preview of one of the best tracks on Tomorrow’s Harvest, check out the YouTube link below.

Top Tracks: “Reach for the Dead”, “Nothing is Real”, “Come to Dust”