Monday night isn’t exactly what you think of as a wild one when it comes to Jacksonville’s nightlife, but this Monday was an exception downtown at 1904 Music Hall. In recent years, there’s been a noticeable increase in attendance levels at concerts of all genres, especially those that are properly promoted. But Monday at 1904 had no time for street-teaming and putting up posters. This is because the show was announced a mere two hours before the doors opened, and yet, roughly 150 folks made the right choice to come check out the clinic that Adam Deitch & Friends put on. 


Though the event wasn’t billed as a Break Science show, it was essentially just that, but with the addition of some top-notch guests. Break Science is made up of Adam Deitch (also of Lettuce & Pretty Lights) on drums, and Borahm Lee on keys and synth.  Joining them on stage was Eric Bloom of Lettuce on trumpet and Scott Flynn of John Brown’s Body on trombone.  The combination of Break Science’s bass-drenched blend of electronic beats, juxtaposed with Deitch’s lightning quick drumming and the duo of horns made for a special breed of sounds that can only be produced when masters of their craft opt to create in the moment, and on the fly. Improvisation is a beautiful thing.    

The evening was ushered in by a DJ set from regional bass-music stalwart Vlad The Inhaler and closed out by Zak The Blak– guitarist for Jacksonville’s own Greenhouse Lounge. The Adam Deitch & Friends set was essentially two hours of improvisation that blurred the line between structured electronic music and jazzy, organic, free-form dance music. Deitch was having a blast playing maestro from his laptop & drum kit and letting his colleagues fill in the blanks over the top of his track selection. He mentioned to the crowd that this was only the second time they had performed a set in this format, the last one being in Japan just a few months before.

These guys are accustomed to playing in front of thousands of fans a night, just as they had done a couple days before in Miami. That said, catching them unexpectedly in this intimate of a setting was quite a treat for fans. They had a day off from their current Pretty Lights tour and decided to pay a visit while passing through Jax. With little-to-no planning time possible for the evening’s logistics, things went swimmingly.

Downtown is having a cultural Renaissance of sorts, much of which can be attributed to the folks involved with The Elbow and its affiliates- bringing quality music & entertainment when and where it’s most needed. Cheers to the best case of “the Monday’s” I could have asked for!