A new public development plan has been unveiled that includes a wave pool from Kelly Slater Wave Company. Unfortunately, the plan is for a coastal region in San Diego.

The plan is one of six city redevelopment plans proposed for an overhaul of San Diego’s Seaport Village, nestled between downtown and the San Diego Bay.  Developers McWhinney, a Colorado-based real estate management company, and DJM Capital Partners included the KSWC pool as part of a 65-page proposal for the area’s transformation. Their collaborative plans include retail shops, restaurants, office parks and art installations.

San Diego redevelopment plans that include a Kelly Slater wave pool.

San Diego redevelopment plans that include a Kelly Slater wave pool.

What does this mean for Northeast Florida? Not much at the moment. This public wave pool would be on the wrong coast and might not even be endorsed by the city. Even if it is selected, construction in the area wouldn’t begin until about 2019 and would likely go through several design changes.

What it does mean is that KSWC is on the move and looking to add locations. The company initially expressed it was not planning to grow until it felt comfortable with the design of the original wave pool in central California. The partnership with San Diego developers is strong evidence the company is confident enough to construct wave pools in other locations.

Is there a list Jacksonville can get on, and where do we sign up?