So you’ve just arrived at the Jacksonville Beach Pier. Having viewed the morning photo report via, and witnessed a stalky shortboarder bashing the lip of, and carving through, a few small, but ridable-looking summertime bowls, you’re prepared to do the same. But upon actually glimpsing the waves with your own two eyeballs, it occurs to you that the waves, despite what that stalky shredder had been doing to them, don’t look quite capable of providing you–much less your standard-issue, high-performance thruster–similar opportunities. 

You could blame the report, sure. It’d be more accurate to blame Jason Motes (the previously mentioned stalky surfer, pictured here) and his nearly 22-inch-wide, mush-destroying surfboard (also pictured here). Motes is an inspiration. Surfing as hard and as often (or more) than any other beaches resident, there is a reason the 21-time East Coast Champion is not only able to get in the water, but also (gasp!) do full cutbacks all… summer… long. This surfboard.

The Motes Model. A collaboration between Motes and legendary EC shaper Kenny Briel of Savage Surfboards, The Motes Model takes the groveler-formula and pushes the short-wide-flat-thick modern hull design to its practical limits. And, as evidenced by Motes’ consistently high-performance performances on our daily report this summer, even the most radical flat spell of our lifetimes can’t slow this board down. If there ever were a thruster perfectly suited for Northeast Florida, this very well could be it. 

Dims: 5’6” x 21 ¾” x 2 ⅝”
Available locally at at Sunrise Surf Shop, Jax Surf and Paddle, and The Pit Surf Shop