Clean Ocean Surfboards patriarch Tony Iannorone’s shapes are revered on the East Coast. His longboards, especially, have found an audience among the traditional-log-inclined here in Northeast Florida. With a current roster of team riders made up of local idiosyncratic stylists, including Austin Strecker, Jake Fairbanks, Jon Jon Kaidy, and (our Skate Columnist) Trenton “Tarpits” Phillips, at any spot and at any time of day, the COS flag is likely being flown. 

COS patriarch Tony Lannarone

Here, Iannarone shares a knife-y, wide-point-back midlength that’s sure to catch the eye of any surfer with an open mind and/or preference for high-line styling and radical arcs. 

I wanted to make a mid-length that reflected the wide point back longboards I’ve been making,” says Iannarone of this trim-inclined craft.

Though it may not seem novel now, Dale Velzy’s original Pig design—to which Iannarone’s midlength owes a great deal of inspiration—was a turning point (pun-intended) for surf innovation when it was first introduced in the mid-1950s, as pushing the wide point back from the board’s center allowed for enhanced maneuverability. As evidenced by the logs and middies designed by current innovators like Al Knost and Thomas Bexon, the pig remains relevant. 

Alas, as this neat surfboard makes clear, radical lines will never go out of style.

This neat surfboard originally appeared in Void Magazine’s January 2020 issue.

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